Saturday, November 28, 2009


sje je nk jengah2 blog yg da lapok ni...
korg wat pe je cuti sem ni?
klau xde keje, bce r blog aku yg pape je aku nk cte ni...
cuti sem ni la hari yg paling aku tggu2...hehe... korg pon sme kn...
planning aku cuti ni da settle... ari 2 aku ngn atein g BP... kat sne ktorg dok umah iza...
wlaupon kjap je ktorg kat sne, tp mcm2 xperience aku dpt...
mse kat sne ktorg g kilang kerepek... peh,ble da msok sne mmg rambang mate siot...
mcm2 jenis kerepek ade...
murah lak 2..spe x geram tgk...
aku pon amek la kesempatan ni utk borong kerepek2 kat c2...
tp xla borong abez sbb pk2 blk, nnt blk PG da r naek bus, nk m'agkot 2 yg payah...
pastu blk dr kilang kerepek, iza ajak ktorg g kilang candy kelape...kat kilang 2 bkn jual candy je,tp dodol ngn kerepek pon ade gak....
korg penah mkn x candy kelapa??
ala,candy yg d'wat dr kelapa 2...sedap tau... die ade 3 wane, tp rse sme je...
candy 2 pon murah gak, xsme cam harge kat kdi....sblm blk dr kilang 2 ktorg smpt la temu ramah p'usaha kilang 2.. sume hasil2 kilang 2 dihantar ke tmpt rehat highway pagoh ke machap klau xsilap la... kalu benti kat c2, try r cri candy 2...
k la kwn2, pape pon aku ucpkan HEPI HOLIDAY!!!!!
T8 CARE... = )

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Aku ade cite time cuti sem ni.. ari tu aku g interview keje,pastu dpt..
Esoknye aku pon keje r,bkn maen smgt lg ni bgun pg2.. ttibe da smpi sne aku pon mle la keje.. pastu x smpi ½ ari aku CABOT dr kilang tu..

Korang nk tau knp? Sbb xthn giler siot keje kat situ… keje tu mmg r sng, tp mslhnye,kne wat keje smbl B’dri.. giler ah.. mmg xthn… time rht tu r aku cabot…

Da lps tu,aku ngn mmber aku yg cabot sme2,kne plak jln kaki nk cari teksi,da r ssh nk cri teksi kat tmpt 2,da mcm jln kat tgh padang pasir… ngan tekak hausnye laen…. Peh,ni r pengalaman keje yg agk terok r bg aku..

Pape pon, sesape yg keje time cuti ni truskn p’juangn korg.. dpt gaji jgn lpe aku…hehe…

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


hai sume.. ni aku nk citer psl ke bz'an aku sejak naik cuti mid sem ari tu..
letih siot, xbenti2 ade je program nk kene wat ngn asgmnt lecturer bg ntah pape ntah..
lg sedey mse ari selase, 24/02/2009, ari yang plg menyedehkan.. ble aku ngn dak group aku wat pembntgn CTU kitorang kne mrah abez2'an.. prasaan kitorang mse 2, sedey,kecewe thp kucing lapor,bengang msti la ade.. ye r, mne xnye, kne mrah dpn2 dak aku xla nk slhkan ustazah,sbb mmg slh ktorang pon.. tp aku agk ok lps abez class 2, sbb dak class aku mmg supportive.. diorang still bg ktorg smgt.. tp kat cni aku nk bg tau klau korg dpt pape asgmnt, wat la btl2..
sbnrnye, ktorang wat asgmnt CTU 2 dgn hardwork.. tp mmg btl org ckp keje last minit mmg hancus, wlaupon ktorang mmbnting 2lang dr ptg smpi esok pgnye.. klau nk wat dr pg xleh sbb ktorg ade class.. tp yang aku nk bg tau sesgt, AKU PNT GLER AR!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009


· The internet and the Web
Internet launched in 1969 with ARPANET. Internet is a large network that connects together smaller networks all over the glob. It consists of the actual physical network made up of wires, cables and satellites.

Web introduced in 1992 at the CERN in Switzerland. It is a multimedia interface to the resources available on the Internet. Internet was all text, so the Web made it possible to include graphics, animations, sounds or video.

· The common uses
- Communicating
- Shopping
- Searching
- Entertainment
- Education

· Access
The most common way to access the internet is through an Internet service provider (ISP). The most widely used commercial ISP is:

Provide access through telephone or cables lines. Access internet from almost anywhere within country for standard fee without incurring long-distance telephone charges.

Not use telephone or cable lines. Internet connection for computer with wireless modems and a wide array of wireless devices.

Connection technologies include dial-up, DSL, cable and wireless modems.

· Browser
Allow to explore the web easily involving from one Web site to another. 3 well-known browsers:
- Mozilla firefox
- Nestcape communication
- Microsoft internet explorer

Some related term are,

URL’s- location or addresses to web resources, 2 parts of URLs are protocol and domain home, top-level domain (TLD) identifies type of organization.

HTML- displays document as a WebPages. Hyperlinks connect to other documents containing related information.

APPLETS- special programs that are typically written in Java.

· Communication
E-mail(electronic mail), transmission of electronic messages. 2 most widely used e-mail programs are Microsoft’s Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird.
Typical e-mail message has 3 basic elements; header, message and signature.

- Header: appears first and includes addresses, subjects and attachments
- Message: short and to the point
- Signature: additional information about the sender

Spam is an unwanted and unsolicited e-mails may include computer virus. Spamblockers are programs that identify and eliminate Spam.

Instant messaging(IM) is an extension of e-mail allows two or more people to contact each other via direct, live communication. Most widely used IM are AOL’s IM, Microsoft’s MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. One limitation is that many instant messaging services do not support communication with other services and to overcome this limitation universal instant messenger programs are created.

Social networking is connecting individuals to one another.
3 basic categories of social networking:
- Reuniting: connect people who have known one another but have lost touch.
- Friend-of-a-friend: bring together two people who do not know one another but share common friend.
- Common interest sites: bring together individuals that share common interest or hobbies.
· Search tools
Search engines: specialized programs assist you in locating information on web and internet. Provides 2 different search approaches:
- Key words search: enter a keyword reflecting the information that you want.
- Directory search: select a category that fits the information that you want.

Metasearch engines: programs that automatically submit your search request to several search engines simultaneously. Metasearch engines receives results, eliminate duplicates, order the hits and provide the edited list to you.

Specialized search engines focus on subject-specific web sites. Potentially save you time by narrowing your search.

4 considerations for evaluating Web site content:
- Authority
- Accuracy
- Objectivity
- Currency

· Electronic commerce(e-commerce)
Buying and selling of goods over the internet. E-commerce provide incentives for both buyers and sellers.

3 basic types of e-commerce:
- Business-to-consumer(B2C)
The fastest growing type of e-commerce. Nearly, every existing corporation in US provides some type of B2C are for online banking, online stock trading and online shopping.

- Consumer-to-consumer e-commerce
Growing popularity of web auctions.2 basic type of web auction site are auction house sites and person-to-person auction sites.

- Security
Single greatest challenge for e-commerce is the development fast, secure and reliable payment methods for purchased goods. 3 basic payment options are check, credit card and digital cash.

· Web utilities
Specialized utilities programs that make using the internet and the Web easier and safer. Typically, applications web-based are owned by individuals and stored by their computer system’s hard disk. to use one of these web-based applications, accessed from a web site, copied the user’s computer memory, and run.

FTP is internet standard for transferring files. The files that is transfer from another computer is called downloading. Copying files from your computer to another computer on the internet by using FTP is called uploading.

Plug-ins are programs that are automatically started and operate as a part of your browser. Many Web site require you to have one or more plug-ins to fully experience their content. Some plug-ins are included in many of today’s browsers, others must be installed.

Filters block access to selected sites. These programs allows parents and organization to block out selected sites and sets time limits.

Internet security suites is collection of utility programs designed to maintain your security and privacy while you are on the web. 2 of the best-known internet security suites are Mc Afee’s Internet security and Symantec’s Norton Internet security.


· 25 Jan, Sunday:
Hangout with my friends at Jusco Tebrau City. We watched movie title Underworld. Then, we went to the window shopping, besides we surveys the goods that we want to buy.

· 26 Jan, Monday:
At night, my mother invites all my friends and my nearest neighbor to my house for celebrate my belated birthday. I was so happy on this day.

· 27 Jan, Tuesday:
In the morning, me and my family went to the Sasa Restaurant to take a breakfast. After that, we went to the auntie Amy’s house. There, she showed us all her pets collection. There are many types of cat, such as Persian cat, Britain cat, Siamese cat and many more. She told me to choose any of the cats to be my pet, then I choose a male Persian kitten and I named it Coby. So, now I have two pets that in different type.

· 28 Jan, Wednesday:
Me and my sister went to the library to finished my cs125 assignment. Suddenly, Fairus, my class monitor called me and told me that he want to met me there. He came with his sister. There, he teach me how to do the assignment. After a few minutes, Fairus and his sister back home.
After I’ve done my assignment, me and my sister went to the nearest cafĂ© to take our lunch. Then we back home.

· 29 Jan, Thursday:
Just relaxing myself at home, watched television and playing with my pets.

· 30 Jan, Friday:
I woke up early in the morning for finishing my cs119 assignment. I stop doing my work to take a breakfast. After that, I continue my work and I’m done at 6.30 p.m.

Friday, January 9, 2009

summary of classes

DCS class have 25 students,7 boys and 18 girls. CS110 coordinators is Puan Noor Azrin.
Our class monitor name's Mohd Fairuz and assistant monitor is Nurul Fatimah.
In this class,we laern 5 subjects,computing essentials,c++programming,accelerate(bell),

agama islam(ctu) and mathematics.