Saturday, January 31, 2009


· 25 Jan, Sunday:
Hangout with my friends at Jusco Tebrau City. We watched movie title Underworld. Then, we went to the window shopping, besides we surveys the goods that we want to buy.

· 26 Jan, Monday:
At night, my mother invites all my friends and my nearest neighbor to my house for celebrate my belated birthday. I was so happy on this day.

· 27 Jan, Tuesday:
In the morning, me and my family went to the Sasa Restaurant to take a breakfast. After that, we went to the auntie Amy’s house. There, she showed us all her pets collection. There are many types of cat, such as Persian cat, Britain cat, Siamese cat and many more. She told me to choose any of the cats to be my pet, then I choose a male Persian kitten and I named it Coby. So, now I have two pets that in different type.

· 28 Jan, Wednesday:
Me and my sister went to the library to finished my cs125 assignment. Suddenly, Fairus, my class monitor called me and told me that he want to met me there. He came with his sister. There, he teach me how to do the assignment. After a few minutes, Fairus and his sister back home.
After I’ve done my assignment, me and my sister went to the nearest café to take our lunch. Then we back home.

· 29 Jan, Thursday:
Just relaxing myself at home, watched television and playing with my pets.

· 30 Jan, Friday:
I woke up early in the morning for finishing my cs119 assignment. I stop doing my work to take a breakfast. After that, I continue my work and I’m done at 6.30 p.m.


cs lab said...

four words:

pretty colourful, love it!

E-OnE said... dengan class rep ae..he9

adeq said...

xpe2,org tau ika baek punyer..

daya said...

deting dengan class rep bukan nak ajak...
takala gurau je...
nice holiday yahhh

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